Random funny commands

I was wondering if someone could help me set up some random silly commands for my stream. I’m talking like a !kill command where it will say “(Random User) ran over (Random User) with a tractor” or like another random sentence like “smashed (Random User) with a pumpkin” or another command like !slap that just says “(User that used command) slapped (Random User)” or they can slap a specific user? idk I just thought it would spice up my chat to have random commands like that or anything else you guys can think of you know like just random silly commands. It would be GREATLY appreciated if you could help!

Even though it’s not under the Custom API section, I have created and shared a couple of custom APIs that’d do exactly what you’re looking for. I used PHP in the creation of my custom APIs, and you could look at the source code of like the “RandomUser.php” to get a random user from your chat, and the “Kill.php” for the kill command.


Do any of those work for youtube? (I’m a youtube streamer) also what exactly do you do to add an API or whatever into a command (I kinda have no Idea what I’m doing) P.S.

In all honesty, I don’t think it would. I designed all my APIs to work directly with Twitch, I’m sure YouTube has their own streaming APIs for pulling information.
And for information on how to add, edit or delete commands, please refer to this documentation.

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