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Hi, I accidentally deleted the !quote command from a stream I mod. Is there anything I can do to retrieve the URL or command? And is it possible to retrieve the quotes that were there, or are they all gone?

Any help is appreciated.


The quotes are stored on a list that exists outside the Nightbot !quote command. The !quote command merely fetches information from the list via $(urlfetch), so all of your quotes should still be there.

Luckily, the developer of the quote API created a mechanism for retrieving your public token (granted that you still have your private token on hand) and therefore allowing you to recreate your !quote command:


Replace PRIVATE_KEY_HERE with your private token (the random jumble of letters and numbers in your !addquote/!delquote command that’s 16 characters long).

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I do not have the private token, would the streamer have that, or is there any other way to find it?

You have to ask the streamer to look inside the command response for either their !addquote/!delquote command and message it to you. There is no other way unless the streamer has his public and private keys written down somewhere (which I suppose isn’t likely).

1: Have them go to https://beta.nightbot.tv/commands/custom
2: Look through their custom commands list for either !addquote or !delquote. They can use the search box for faster searching.
3: They need to copy and paste the private token (which as I said before, is 16 characters long and looks like a jumble of letters and numbers) and message it to you.
4: Go to https://twitch.center/customapi/quote/recover?token=PRIVATE_KEY_HERE and plug in the private token.

Thankyou very much, I’ll try that right now.

Sorry to keep bugging you, I got the 16 character code, but when I click the link it says “invalid “token” parameter. I’m on mobile, does it need to be done on pc.

Make sure you replace PRIVATE_KEY_HERE with the private token, also make sure there aren’t any accidental spaces in the url.

Thankyou so much, it worked! I honestly can’t thank you enough. I was very nervous there for a while!

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