Quick question about paypal linking

My question is pretty straight forward and just want to get confirmation before I set everything up. When linking to your Paypal account, does only your e-mail address need to be verified or do you need a bank account within Paypal verified as well? The reason I ask is I want to use an entirely new Paypal account for donations, as my wife and I share our main Paypal account and use that for quite a few different things. My main Paypal account is verified with a bank account, but I’d rather not do this with the donation Paypal account if possible. I have the e-mail verified within the donation paypal account, just not a bank account.

In a nutshell, would I be able to receive tips on a Paypal account with just an e-mail address verified and not a bank account verified?


You need to link your bank account too if you want your PayPal account to be verified.
You can learn more about the verification process by clicking here.

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