Queue system help

Is there possible to do a queue system for youtube too or just for twitch ?

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Hiya, this queue system works for youtubE: [CustomAPI] Queue system

It is either not working for me or I am too stupid to do it. :grinning:

Please explain what isn’t working.

When I type !addq or !open nothing is happening

Did you run the installation?

The installation was done, the commands are in nightbot but it doesn’t work, explain me the commands i have to write and in what order, maybe I do it wrong.

“doesn’t work” is not quite helpful. Can you elaborate on the specific steps you took installing the commands, what output you receive after you try them out, and/or what errors you see?

I don’t receive anything back from the bot, other commands are working but the q commands don’t. I just pressed on the installation link and after they got installed it said they are installed.

It is working on twitch, but on yt not

For YouTube specifically be sure you follow our troubleshooting steps before testing commands: Nightbot Troubleshooting

If you continue to have issues, check the logs to see if Nightbot is reading your chat: https://nightbot.tv/logs. Since you’re using multiple platforms you will also need to make sure you’re adding commands for both your Twitch and YouTube accounts (settings/commands are completely separate).

Other commands are working on nightbot but this are not working, is not the problem for the nightbot, I think the commands are not working on yt.

I really wouldn’t see why not, I can see it’s working fine for other youtube channels. Have you checked the logs Night linked? Is Nightbot receiving the commands?

Yep, he is receiving them.

Man ? No more help ?

If there are logs then Nightbot is processing chat and replying to chat. If you are not seeing Nightbot’s chat then you have misconfigured Nightbot in some way. Follow the troubleshooting guide: Nightbot Troubleshooting

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