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I have so many questions…
1° - is possible change nightbot chat message color?
2° - Can nightbot write a message on chat when someone follow or subscribe?
3° - What is the difference of $(query) and $(querystring) (give me examples pls)


If you add /me to the start of any nightbot command or timer, it will make the text blue. This is the only way to change its color in twitch.

There’s no way to make nightbot put a chat message when someone follows or subscribes.

$(querystring) is used within url’s and will put a “%” between every word, while $(query) is used anywhere else.
Querystring - !commandName This is a test
Nightbot - This%is%a%test

Query - !commandName This is a test
Nightbot - This is a test


Querystring is something else, it display the $(query) value, but url-encoded, which is mainly used in combination with the $(urlfetch) variable to pass through data (there is an example if you click the link to the docs).


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