Question/suggestion about billing

Okay, so initially I thought this was how streamtip worked, but now I’m a little unsure, and if it’s not, I think you may wish to consider an option to work like this.

Since you are billed at the end of the month, I was thinking that streamtip would hang on to your donations until the end of the month, after which time it would take its fee from that amount before processing a single paypal transaction which is the culmination of all of your donations for the month. Throwing on a “process now” option would be a good idea too (though to do this you would be charged the maximum fee for the month, ie 2%).

My thinking with this is that, by processing all of the month’s donations in 1 single transaction you drastically cut paypal fees. For instance, let’s assume paypal charges 2.9%+30cents. If you were to receive 50 donations in a month with an average donation of $5, then at the end of the month you would receive $250 in donations. Subtract streamtip’s 2% fee of $5, it then processes a single transaction of $245 to paypal. Paypal subtracts its fee of $7.40, and you net a total of $237.60.

On the other hand, if you simply use paypal (without steamtip and their 2% fee), you would have 50 transactions with an average donation of $5. On each transaction you would be charged 30 cents +2.9%, which averages 45 cents/transaction, for a grand total of $22.50 in fees, meaning of the $250 donated to you, you would net, $227.50.

I’m not sure if there are obstacles to doing this, but this is the type of service I thought I was getting with streamtip, and really a type of service I would like. I would be much happier with a monthly paycheque than a hundred micro transactions daily, and I think by including this service you would cater to a wider audience, and have much fewer people complaining about fees.

Can I get some input on this please?

It doesn’t matter how the fees get sliced, as PayPal takes the same no matter what. If we were to collects tips on behalf of the streamers and store them, then who pays the fee for each transaction from PayPal? There’s still the $0.30 + 2.9% no matter where the money goes. In fact, it would essentially cost a bit more. After all of the 2.9% + $0.30 fees for each transaction sent to us, another 2.9% + $0.30 is taken for each totaled payment to a streamer. Then would mean PayPal eats 5.8% of the funds. With that type of loss in fees tacked onto Streamtip fees, nobody is going to want to use the service.

Our choice to send payments directly to streamers is also to provide streamers more control. While you may have “a hundred micro transactions daily,” you can see exactly what fees PayPal is taking and you also have the ability to offer refunds via their website. In addition, we are also tracking these tips for you inside the Streamtip control panel. You can search through tips and see a graph of what you’ve earned throughout the year. We’re also still improving these stats and have some new ideas planned.

I am a low level streamer with not many views and such so what if I use Streamtip and don’t get any tips for a month will they still charge me?

There is no charge if you receive no tips…

No offense OP but thats kind of a bad idea.

1 we’d have to wait a month to get our donations. Some of us use those funds way before then.

2 Nightdev would have to take the transactions to THEIR paypal account instead of ours and then take the brunt of any chargebacks which would then lead to a understandably higher fee.

3 Many people would be a bit disturbed to have a semi-unknown (no offense night dev I love yah) party holding thousands of their dollars a month.

I dont know about you but I like my money and I dont like other people holding it any longer than absolutely required.

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