Question regarding Follower Alert

I seem to be having a bit of trouble getting this plugin to work. I have the CLR Browser installed, and the plugin appears in OBS. I set everything up, got a custom URL, put it into the plugin, but the alert never works. Nothing happens when I add the “&preview=true” tag to the end, either. Here’s a link to my latest log file:

Also, in case it’s needed, here’s a link to my alert:

I hope you guys are able to help me. Thank you in advance!

I think your audio broke the alert some how. works without the audio.

Are you converting the audio file to .ogg? You can do so here

Interesting. Yea I had ripped it from YouTube direct to OGG format. Should I try to rip it as MP3 and then convert?

you could try that. may I ask what youtube clip? I can give it a shot on my end.

It’s this one:

Yep it worked when I converted from MP3 to OGG! Is there any way to lower this particular sound in OBS? It’s quite loud haha.

best thing to do is take the MP3 in Audacity (which is free) open it up in there, turn down the audio levels then save it as a mp3 again. then convert. That is the easiest way.

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