Question about Nightbot timer intervals

According to the Timer setup form as well as the Nightbot Docs, Timer intervals are based on actual time of day per hour…

“Times are exact per hour (for example: 15 minutes is at 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45, etc).”

How does this work with intervals over 30 or any interval that that doesn’t add to 60 evenly?

For example, every 45 minutes would be at 2:00, 2:45… and then what?

Nightbot timer logic is similar to how *nix cronjobs function. If set to 45 minutes it would execute at :00 and :45.

Thanks for the reply.

Well, that doesn’t seem particularly intuitive. I have several timers I’d like to use and I’d like to have them spaced apart and there doesn’t really seem to be a way to do this consistently.

Anyway, thanks again!

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