Pull data from a spreadsheet (command)

Hi all!

I’ve seen a few posts similar to this, but they all seem to be either out of date or different enough that I can’t hack my way into making it work for me.

In simple terms, I would like a command that will display specific data from a google spreadsheet. (I can’t add a link to my post else I would include the sheet here).

What I’d like - a command (ie !nextanimal) which would display something like “The next animal on the farm will be [animal name] the [animal]!” I’ll be taking out rows as each one is acquired, so it should only ever pull from cells C2 and B2. Can anyone help?

Edit to add: due to a delay with my account being on hold, this is no longer immediately relevant. I’m going to leave it up just in case anyone has any ideas which may help me or someone else in the future. :slight_smile:

Hey @dinnydorf!

Have a look here:

Hi @Emily ,

Thanks! The first one I tried a few different ways, but seems that the api was updated after that example was written, so the command no longer works. The second one doesn’t give too much detail on the structure of the command itself, but I’ll look into it. :+1:

Right, I wasn’t sure about that and I didn’t have the time to test it, thanks for the confirmation.

Basically, you need to use Google’s API, the documentation linked is your only friend.

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