PUBG stats in chat

I’m using the command
!commands add -cd=5 -ul=everyone !pubg $(urlfetch$(querystring)) made by xgerhard
And the streamer I linked it too it says there’s no stats for her. Fluffy_Ducky. I’ve tried using both kd and fpkd and every variation comes up with " there’s no stats for player Fluffy_Ducky (solo, Na)
Can anyone help?

Yeah PUBG removed regions from the game, which caused some changes in the API I’m using. I just did a small update, hopefully the command is useable again.
Looking at the account you posted, it looks like the account only has games in the squad playlist, so make sure you request squad stats: !pubg squadkd Fluffy_Ducky works for me.

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Thank you for replying so quickly!!!

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