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So im trying to make a PUBG stats command and ive found an example how to but its just so confusing. It tells me to enter “!commands add -cd=5 -ul=everyone !pubg $(urlfetch$(querystring)&default_region=eu&default_playlist=solo)” Into my chat which i do it sets up the command but then i have no idea how to link my stats to it if someone could help i would appreciate it. Thanks p.s @xgerhard im going off your post im just new to this whole thing so am very confused. UPDATE. ive sorted out the command but now its saying that i as a player do not exist where as you can find me on the pubg tracker.

Heya! Whats your pubg username and what region are you playing on? What commands have you tried? You should be able to do !pubg stats username region

Ok hello My PUBG username is Saltroy i play on the region Eu seeing as im fron England and the command ive tried !PUBG sr Saltroy EU !PUBG kd Saltroy EU !PUBG stats Saltroy EU those three are the commands

Ok, looking at your pubgtracker profile I see you only play the first person playlists, while the command is looking in the regular playlists.
These commands should work:
!pubg fpsolostats saltroy eu
!pubg fpduostats saltroy eu
!pubg fpsquadstats saltroy eu

You can make alias command for these, to make it easier for your chat to check them, for example:
!commands add !solo -a=!pubg fpsolostats saltroy eu
Now you can get your solo FP stats with !solo.

Ah ok thanks you very much for the help :slight_smile:

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