Proper procedure for banning phrases

Hello I just got done with a stream where I came under attack from a spam bot that would continuously spam specific phrases. My mods and I banned more than 30+ accounts but it never stopped. I tried mid stream to add in the specific phrase but nightbot then turned around and began targeting normal users saying specific words within that phrase.

is there any way to simply add a block of text to the spambot without timing out innocent viewers?

My best suggestion is to put the chat to follower only mode with /followers
Bots usually don’t follow accounts, so this should fix it. If you choose to turn this off, use /followersoff.
I’ve used this in multiple streams where bots spam malicious links and it’s never really cause many issues.

Can I change this in youtube’s stream settings? I should have mentioned that this was a youtube stream.

If you want Nightbot to block a full word you should just list the word alone on a line. If you use wildcards you must properly use wildcards or you may get false positives.

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