Programming automatic chat messages

I have a music stream set up on YouTube and would like Nightbot to automatically post a message in the chat whenever a new song comes up.
The message would ideally include the song name/title as well as a link that redirects to where to stream/buy that song.
Is this something doable with Nightbot?



Automatic messages, especially those based on some kind of a special trigger such as when a music service starts playing a new song, aren’t possible to set up through Nightbot commands alone.

If you’re handy at writing custom scripts, you could write up something that receives alerts for when your music service starts playing the next song, grabs the song title and purchase link, and sends that info to your stream chat through the Nightbot API.

Documentation for sending channel messages through the Nightbot API:

Thanks for your answer! Will definitely looking into custom scripts to make this happen.

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