Profit? not sure how we do that

it says create, upload and profit from emotes but how do we profit from the emotes we make to be used on BTTV?

The word profit in the description doesn’t mean in the form of wealth.

Before the BTTV emote system, the only way to have your own emote was being partnered. This was a big let down because everybody wanted emotes they or others have designed. Now with BTTV you can “profit” with having your own emotes in your chat.

Emotes in Twitch have gained an important part in the chat system from Kappa to OpieOP and with BTTV you can create your own style emote for the “profit” of your viewers.

Please refer to the “Know Your Meme” website for more information:

ok thanks for clearing that up aaron as i was like wow i can make money if people use my emotes

i’m confused by your answer on a professional level as i grow with twitch and use your bots and have donated even while losing my job. Big thanks to aaron though for clearing up the question at hand and being helpful.

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