Problems with the win command

I’m trying to use the !wins but it isn’t working. I can add the wins and see how many wins I have but I can’t reset them. I’ve looked at the other threads but none of them are working. It says its edited but it doesn’t change the number. Anyone know what the problem is?

Hiya, what commands are you using to set and reset your wins? Can you post them here so we can check if there is an error?
If you are using $(count) you can check this example: Resetting counts via command

im using " !commands add !wins 0 wins " to show how many wins, " !commands add !addwin -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !wins $(count) wins " to add a win and " !commands add !resetwins -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !addwin -c=-1 " to reset them at the end of the day

Ok, just to check, when you use !resetwins, do you use !addwin after?
!resetwins will set the counter of !addwin to minus 1, however it won’t change the !wins command.
If you run !addwin after the !resetwins, it will set the counter back to 0 and edit the !wins command.

If that’s what you are already doing, try this edit for the !resetwins:
!commands edit !resetwins -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !addwin \-c=-1

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