Problems with nightbot

So i am trying to add songs to a custom playlist in nightbot from youtube and i cant add anny sort of music link at all. i tried this in the desktop app and did not work. i tried it in web browser and did not work. and ilogged out to see if that helped. and no i cant logg back in at all. the web browser just times out and the app wont let me click on approve that its me. i am compleatly locked out at the moment, is there a solution or what


I suspect there may be a problem on the host end. I am unable to login to my NightBot account as well… Getting a Host Error.


ohh good. here i thought i went and broke it or worst case someone either got my info and locked me out or was for some reason baned
hope it will solve itself by tommorrow

Here is another thread about this:

Closed here, sorry for the delay.