Problems with Follower Alert

So Follower Alert isn’t working with me.
I checked all of the other posts and the issues did not apply or the solutions did not work for me.
The link to my alert works and I installed the correct CLR Browser.
So i’m not sure what exactly is wrong.
Any help is appreciated.
Oh and here’s the link to my alert:


What is the issue exactly? It’s not working at all?

I think the devs may need a little more info :slight_smile:

Sorry about that,
I honestly don’t have too much info but I’ll give you what I have.
I put the link into the alert and tried to test it and it doesn’t pop up. It works when I post it in the browser though.

Here’s the Log File:

And I know I have crappy computer specs, my new computer’s on its way now.

I installed the correct CLR Browser I believe but the log will say that I think.

Hope this is enough info, if you need more just ask.

Thank you,

Please make sure you are running the NightDev version of CLR Browser.

CLR Download link:

Also try following this video for detailed instructions:

Ok it wasn’t a problem with the CLR Browser it was just me clicking a box that didn’t need to be clicked. I clicked the “Intercept request and apply template” box. Yeah…

Thanks for the help and the video

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