Problem with top doantor file

Hey there
I wrote a message about this topic 3 days ago and i got no answer. always when I restarting my computer the text file of the top donator (that i telling to OBS (the live stream program) to read the top donator from) is restarting and in my streamtip program settings configured to NOT restart this text file when open it and it also getting restarted when I just restarting my PC without opening the file. all the other text files are going fine and they are not restarting while thay are configured exactly like the “top-tip” text file…what should I do? Reilstall the program? delete this text file and then restore it? help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thanks for helpers.

Make sure you have the latest Streamtip Alerter.
You can download it by clicking here

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