Problem with Opera

Hi there!

I’ve just started to use Opera (previously I was using Chrome). I read some info here on forum about BTTV on Opera, but the answer was “use the newest version of Opera” and looks like it resolved the problem. I’m using the newest version now (something about Web 3 technology as they say for this update) and I can’t do anything. When I download the extesion from this site, it says I must to… “drag the file into extension manager”. Where is it? Is it And if so, why do I recieve a notification (it might be a bit different from English one since I’m translating it from my native language) “The extension can’t be installed. Can’t move extension’s folder in the profile”. What am I doing wrong?

You need to drag the downloaded extension into the Extensions manager in your browser.

And that’s the problem! This error message appears when I try to drag the extension file. :’(

Unfortunately then you’d need to reach out to Opera support since it is working on my machine when I try. We don’t have much experience with Opera

Ok, thank you anyway. :wink:

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