Problem with Emotes

BetterTTV Emotes off or on is always on. Whether I want the emotes the new emotes or not I still get them. I want to be able to use regular twitch emotes, If anyone can tell me why the BetterTTV emotes are always on, that would be great.

I am currently using Google Chrome - Everything is up to date aswell.

What I have tried:
Restarting/refreshing stream
Turning the BetterTTV emotes on and off
Deleting and resinstalling the extension

Go to your synch settings, and turn off cookies and extensions, re-install browser from scratch and re-install betterttv

There is no need to do this.

I have had this too, it’s either twitch side or BTTV side, reason being you might want to try unchecking and rechecking in BTTV options.