Problem with commands

I’m having trouble with custom commands

no offense, but if u’re wanting help, u’re gonna need to elaborate

Like for example I know a lot of people who have a hug command like you would do !hug and then the persons username and it would say that so and so hugged so and so

well there’s the simple version i see alot…

$(user) hugged $(touser)

or u can get fancy and add a few different types of hugs and have it randomly pick one… for example, i made one for a channel who’s theme is all about space, so it had options like beaming somebody up to the ufo and hugging them, or hugging with all for arms… i did another for a channel themed with alcohol, that had options like trying not to spill a beer while hugging and leaning on them while hugging so they don’t fall over and stuff like that

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