[Probably already ask] Invalid file size

Is this refering to the actual size of the file. or like the 28x28 52x52 or 112x112 all it says is invaled files x1. Any help can be helpful

The sizes are actually


sorry for the delayed i guess i missed type but on my desktop files it says they are 56x56
im imaging editor confirms it as well

All of mt files are in the correct resoultions

An invalid file size means the file you are attempting to upload is too large. You may need to compress the images to get them to a smaller size. Programs like Photoshop prompt you when saving to ask if you’d like to compress the output of a PNG graphic.

Refer to my below reply, as this one is inaccurate.

Thank you for all you help! But the sizes don’t seem to be the issue.

link to a screenshot of my screen error and the size of files

Titles don’t help us… We would need to see the files. Could you just upload the files to imgur and link them or check the resolutions in a editor?

After reviewing the code for the upload script, the problem indeed lies with the resolution of the images you have uploaded. Ensure that you are following the dimensions that Vaughn posted above and that you’re uploading png files. Any other image file format will not work.

I’m positive this issue is fixed. but it still says they aren’t the right size i have no idea i thought it was fixed sorry guys.

As Vaughn stated, upload them to a site like imgur and link them here for us to examine.



The resolution of the images you posted are 800x600, not the required sizes Vaughn posted.

shit sorry for being dense one sec while i fix it.

well that would of been your issue if you was trying to upload those sizes.
Like I stated above.
are the max sizes.
here is an example - http://imgur.com/a/K5kAV

SOLVED: I had a streamer friend who is partnered with twitch and he makes alot of emotes i had him take a look and i screen shared he said I did everything right. But i gave him the files and he made my emotes and got them to be in the proper dimesions and sizes. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Whiskey and Night for your tine and GREAT patience.

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