Preventing a custom command taking any arguments | no arguments possible for a custom command


i am simply adding a !lurk command to nightbot to display a nice message when someone is kind enough to leave a lurk behind when taking off.
However i do not know how to prevent a custom command from taking an argument.

here is how i have it set up now:

/me good hunter $(touser) is off to find his worth in the waking world

the way it is users can type anything after !lurk and it will use that instead of that user’s name. Although i admit it can lead to funny situations, typing in an emote or a meme that just died for instance, but i would rather users not be able to impersonate other users are going to lurk.

thanks for taking the time to read me.

Use $(user) instead of $(touser)

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Fixed, thank you

should i delete this topic? (if that is even possible)

No, leave it up. This way, people who have the same problem as you can search the forums and find the solution.

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