Possible to use ")" in urlfetch?

I was wondering if it’d be possible to use “)” without the “” in a urlfetch for the custom APIs, in my last followers API, I have different display modes, one of which being able to display the last followers with their associated number (last follower being number 1) than after the number, being able to input whatever you wanted to show up after the number, so something like 1. or 1~ or 1) but if you input “)” in the URL, NB thinks that you’re all done with the urlfetch. Is it possible to insert a ) into the urlfetch, or should I just make a separate display mode for just the ) to show up after the number?

Is the ) input? If you use $(querystring) the input will be url-encoded.

No, for the $(urlfetch LastFollowers.php?Broadcaster=CHANNEL_NAME&GeneralQuery=10&DisplayMode=NumText&NumSep=)) So that way the ) would show up after the corresponding number for the followers. But as it is right now, the urlfetch would see the first ) as the closing.

Ah I see, yeah dont think that will work. I would just replace ) with a certain word, and replace it back on your end.

No, you cannot use a closing paranthesis without an opening one before it.

I’m not trying to use it per say, I’m trying to put that in the actual URL itself. So I was just trying to see if there was a way to escape the parenthesis in nightbot

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