Possible to delete current_song.txt after song finishes (Nightbot Beta)

Hi all

I’m looking to use the Nightbot Beta program so that I can display the now playing via OBS but I’ve noticed that the current_song.txt file doesn’t get deleted after the song has finished played therefore the text stays on the stream after the song has finished. Is there a way to get Nightbot to delete this file?

Also, and I’m sure this has been reported before, but adding songs manually via the dashboard and the Nightbot Beta program causes them to be added twice.

Many thanks, Stephen

Oddly nobody has requested clearing out the text file when music is paused. That can be added and I’ll try to get that in soon.

Songs added within the dashboard and nightbot app are the same system and should stay in sync with the exception of the playlist queue. I cannot reproduce duplication of the same songs upon testing.

Hey there, thanks for the prompt response.

Regarding clearing out the text file, we play music sporadically on my channel therefore when the queue is empty and the current track finishes it would be beneficial for the text file to be deleted therefore displaying nothing on OBS rather than showing the last played song.

The duplication of adding the song via the admin portal (note adding via chat command is fine) happens in both the Nightbot beta client and the website (chrome, windows 10). Here’s a example (potato quality but you can see the issue)


Thanks for your assistance

The duplication bug has been fixed. I’ve published a new version of the app that clears the file when the player has nothing to play: https://docs.nightbot.tv/app-beta

Great! I check this out shortly and let you know how I get on. Many thanks!

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