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Possible new problem/sub-level chats


There is a new problem I have run into. I am not sure if this is relevant, but I just wanted to throw this out there:
Sub-level chat rooms are now a thing.

When you enter a room, you will notice a new feature: "Rooms."
This enables users to filter themselves into different rooms, if anymore exist beyond the main room. This also means we will have a tougher time hiding if we use Anon Chat, if we are even able to enter at all without instantly outing ourselves.

This makes me wonder if there is any way to tell KapChat to focus on those rooms. For instance, “user-moderator-room” or “user-subs-only”.

This worsens when we consider the fact that this feature is available only in Non-Legacy chat room versions.


KapChat reconnects you to chat as an anonymous user. Rooms should use the existing connection, which should prevent you from showing up in the room.


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