Possible bug with VIP Exemptions

When trying to setup nightbot to not timeout VIPs, if they are subbed while being a vip, they still are timed out, but if they are just vip, they are not. Unsure if I’m doing something wrong, and unsure if it’s just not working as intended. To work around it, I just made the “VIPs” Regulars as well.

Any help is much appreciated

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VIPs are ranked above subscribers, so as long as subscribers are set not to be timed out both subscribers and VIPs should not be timed out.

Yeah I was trying to give VIPs (that also happen to be subscribers) special perms over the subscribers that aren’t VIP

I am facing a pretty similar Bug with VIPs.
The Excess Caps filter is set to timeout Subscribers but not Regulars or VIPs. VIP is listed higher as Regulars (as it should be) however VIPs are still getting timed out for posting caps as long as they are no Regulars. Or is it just that the Listing is wrong and that it goes Owner > Mod > Regular > Vip?

I think the subscriber role was overriding the vip role in our TMI connector. It should be fixed now.

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