Portrait view (stream on top, chat below)

Is there any way to enable portrait view (stream on top, chat below) in BTTV?

Currently FFZ offers this but is incompatible when running alongside BTTV, and BTTV has some features I wouldn’t want to lose.

Not at this time, sorry.

Adding portrait mode to Twitch is not something we are considering, since it requires large modification to Twitch’s channel page structure. We are hesitant to make changes that may break when Twitch updates their website, so we perform all of our application logic outside of the scope of Twitch’s (which FFZ does not).

While we do not support portrait mode, it is possible to organize Twitch into a portrait mode. It does take a little longer than just a click of a button, unfortunately. You can pop out video and pop out chat, and then organize the video to be the upper portion of a vertically angled monitor and chat to be the lower portion. There are also multiple multi-stream sites that support portrait mode as well, if you’d prefer that option.

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