Pop-Up Name, Chat Messages History

When you click on someone’s name & view their Chat Messages. This will show you the last few things the user has said in chat; however, if the user was timed-out nothing prior to the time-out is shown. It would be great if the user’s full chat history (for the day) were available, as that would make it a more helpful moderation tool.

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Whenever i have used that feature it does show the previous messages even when timed out, but i almost always have used it with the “Show deleted messages” enabled, perhaps that could be it?

Agreed, on different occasions this has happened to me when someone has asked me why were they banned a couples hours later and I forget cause of my ridiculous memory. This would help a lot with showing what the person did verbatim.

If you want an extensive chat log that shows a lot more use chatty. BTTV keeps track of the messages that it can search through in the chat without keeping all of them in memory, it only reads the ones you can currently see in chat. So after a couple hours it is wayyyy more likely that their messages have left chat and bttv isn’t able to track those.

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