Point System for YT and Twitch

Trying to figure out how to track the points we are giving for loyalty giveaways. we currently have a notepad entry in a phone we use to track, but thats not really working for us. We are growing too rapidly at this point.

they are going to be ‘coins’ and when the viewer reaches 200 they can cash in for the only reward being offered. i am used to nightbot and like it a lot. i have it in my twitch and youtube channel. i do not want to get another bot, and most of the loyalty bots seem to be twtich only.

We are looking for a way to have viewers able to check how many points they have with a command, and using an owner only command we want to be able to add x amount of coins to that specific users total. i use restream, and am hoping we will be able to have the commands work on either service, however youtube is our main and that is the one we are most worried about if we have to pick only one.

is this possible?

Thanks guys

Please see this answer in a simular topic:

Yeah, seen that thousands of times. Im not talking about implementing a counter into nightbot. im asking for help setting up a command that will track em for me. I will enter !coins AMT USER and it will give that user 3 coins.

then looking for a way for a user to enter a command to check how many coins they have.


also to clarify, im not looking to have points automatically given to a viewer. they have to come in and request them with a hashtag. we then will run our shortcut command to add X amount of points to user Y as an owner only command, and hoping to find a way to have an everyone level command so they can check on their own how many they have.

currently we have nightbot set up on YT, and restream chat is forwarding the messages from one service to the others. we are just trying to figure out a command to add to the YT nightbot customs to track points. not add to nightbot as a feature. i know its possible to do what im trying to explain, i just dont have the experience to do so. and i may not be explaining properly.

bump?? just checking

Anything with a point system or keeping track of individual user points would have to be done with a custom system. This could also be done through the Nightbot API

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