[PLEASE SEND HELP] Nightbot Is Unresponsive

I’m a YouTuber that uses Nighbot. I’ve tried this process you see below for Twitch and it works perfectly. I’m just concerned why YouTube isn’t working.

  1. I’ve parted and joined my channel and have reentered the link in the moderators list countless of times.

  2. I’ve read countless of forum threads, stating that you have to be live and wait in order for Nightbot to appear, but it hasn’t shown up. I tried several commands to see if Nighbot would respond, but nothing has happened.

  3. After typing in the chat I would go to see if Nighbot chats stats would pick up my responses and still nothing.

I’m at my wits end and I am in need of assistance. Thank you in advance to whomever can help me. I appreciate it.

Hiya, make sure you are looking at “Live chat” instead of “Top chat”.

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I’ll try your suggestion right now. Thank you.

Np, in case this does not work, see this checklist: Night bot is skiving

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  1. I tried your suggestion to change the chat from top to live

  2. I’ve looked at the thread: Night bot is skiving and have double checked every option, and still nothing.

  3. Even thought I’ve input Nightbot as moderator it doesn’t how up as participant. And I checked Nighbots logs and no responses.

Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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