Please bring back Alpha Chat Badges

This is a lot more visually frustrating than I expected it to be. But, I have grown incredibly fond of using this with the Dark Theme. Please, I beg you…BRING THEM BACK FeelsBadMan

While I feel your pain, Twitch now serves all its badges (and all new ones) as PNGs. Due to this it’s not really possible for us to make them alpha without manually editing each new icon Twitch creates. I’m not sure if you realized, but every new badge added wasn’t alpha and kinda broke the effectiveness of the feature.

This saddens me :frowning: but I understand. I still enjoy using the BTTV interface. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Could you at least enable it for the most commonly used badges like prime, Turbo, moderator, and verified? It is especially useful when paired with this add-on:

The alpha chat badges used to look great with the chat overlay in that add-on. Thanks

Since it seems the developers don’t want to add this feature, I will leave this here for anyone interested. Add this line to add block plus or U block origin and it will manually block all badges from appearing. They are mostly a nuisance these days anyway.

I don’t want the badges removed. I wanted the color backgrounds removed like before.

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