Please add support for Pale Moon

I have installed BetterTTV a few weeks ago and it went fine. I’ve been using it without problems and actually still do, but today I tried to reinstall it by clicking on the link here on NightDev, and got a weird popup saying it was not compatible with Pale Moon 25.2.1.
I am not sure what changed on what end, but when I asked the author of PM, he said

You could ask the extension developer to add specific support for Pale
Moon. Especially if the extension already works as-is, then all they
have to do is add a Pale Moon target application block to the
install.rdf file in the extension with the proper Pale Moon versions
(Minimum 25.0, maximum 25.* (or higher if they feel adventurous and want
to look forward a long time))

Another user said “It’s an extension (*.xpi) and it has a minimum requirement of FX 26 (while Pale Moon identifies as FX 24.9).”.

We won’t be adding Pale Moon support at this time, as it would require maintaining an additional package for download. Pale Moon broke their compatibility with the Firefox add-ons, which broke a ton of add-ons for Pale Moon You can probably use Greasemonkey and use the UserScript version of BetterTTV instead.

You don’t understand. I successfully installed the extension just a few weeks ago and there were no problems. Right now the only problem is some stupid number in a hardcoded version requirement from your end. You just absolutely won’t do an extremely simple change to make someone’s life a bit better?

I’ve updated the download to provide support for Pale Moon, and added a script to our add-on builder to edit the rdf files upon build to include Pale Moon.

That’s excellent news! Thank you very much.