Playlist Breaks after 500 songs

After you add any more than 500 songs the playlist starts to glitch out fairly badly, randomly stopping, failing to load songs, or out right not loading the playlist itself, this makes it hard to use for streaming when you like to have a large variety of songs in your play list.
I couldn’t find any other posts quite like this with the given info, but i do have fairly bad eyesight and cant look at a lot of text on white background for long.

Also seems that, when it does play, it only plays about 50 of the songs and loops them as there is a large portion of songs that don’t play off my list.

Ultimately AutoDJ works well for its intended purpose: song requests. When you go outside of that purpose you can wind up with some issues currently. We are aware of issues around playlist reliability and we do have plans to address it permanently, but due to more pressing matters it’s unlikely to be fixed in the immediacy.

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