Playing or Pausing the song requests with the API

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I am trying to control the song request “player” with the API but I found no help on that subject.

I know that the Control Panel can play/pause the song requests and I also know that the nightbot chat commands “!songs play” and “!songs pause” can play/stop the player, so I know it is possible.

I have an Oauth access_token, I am making authenticated API calls but I can’t see any setting or API url to call for that matter.

I thought It might have been “” but I’m just guessing here and can’t progress.

Thank you in advance,

I’d like to update this Topic as I’ve been answered earlier today by Night on the official Discord.

It appears that we can control the “play” functionality of the player with the API by making POST requests to with the Oauth token in the header as usual, just replace “play” by “pause” to pause the player instead.

The play/pause API call looks exactly like a call to the “skip” for the queue, except you replace “skip” by either “play” or “pause”.

The skip API call documentation can be found here:

Thank you again Night,

I updated the API documentation to include these routes.


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