Playing music from Spotify doesn't work with the OSX client

Hey guys!
Wondering if you had a common troubleshooting guide for playing spotify music from the OSX client.

I open spotify(the desktop app) then nightbot(the desktopapp).
Go to autoDJ and nothing happens. Press play and nothing happens.

I have the open spotify url in desktop app setting checked on both the spotify desktop and web app.

Any ideas whats up?

Follow the troubleshooting instructions I posted at Auto Dj doesn´t work on spotify (Beta)

Yeh I’ve already been through all that a few times :confused:

Tried reinstall spotify but no dice.
Havn’t restarted comp since the installs though going to try that now.

Okay I took a screenshot of the error after opening the app through terminal to view the logs.
Any idea whats up?

What version of OSX are you using? Are you opening Spotify before or after launching the Nightbot app?

Here’s my specs:

I’m opening spotify desktop client before opening nightbot.
Havn’t tried the other way around yet.

I also have screenhero if you would like to see the problem live or I can go a little gif recording for you.

Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce this issue on OSX. Ensure you’ve following the troubleshooting instructions already posted (specifically the part about Spotify’s “play from web” option in their settings, which our app uses). You might also try making sure there’s no Firewall preventing Spotify from opening ports or from our app connecting to them.

Yep I’ve already followed them multiple times and I have ALL settings checked correctly so IDK whats up.
I guess I’ll just wait for the next update to come out.

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