Play Youtube Videos in HD / Autodj stopping Playback

Hello nightbotteam first off thanks for making this availabe to us : )

I got a few questions

( 1 ) How can i make the embedded player laod the videos in hd? right now its just 360p which makes a noticable difference to sound /picture quality

( 2 ) Sometimes autodj is just stopping the playback and no command can bring it back unless i skip the song in the control panel how can i stop this behaviour ?

YouTube auto-selects the quality by the video player size. You can zoom in the page if you’d like the quality to be higher. In general, 360p audio is the same as 720p. The differences tend to happen with 240p.

If the page stops working properly, an error may have occurred (it would display in the upper right for a few seconds). If that’s the case, please report the error when it occurs.

hey thanks for the quick reply i already changed dimensions of the player in the sourcecode (the iframe dimensions) and its still 360p zooming in isn’t helping either (I’m on firefox btw)

thanks for letting me know i wasnt aware of the sound difference updates but the videoquality is important for me aswell

Autodj is just stopping to play no error realy as far as i can tell

If the AutoDJ freezes in between songs, then that’s because you have the player in the background and Chrome will not autoplay anything in the background. Use our app or open the AutoDJ in its own window to fix the problem.

As for quality, default quality is now being set higher.

( 1 ) It’s stlll happening even when it is in his own window i wished after the requests are played it would just continue with the playlist but its stopping randomly i have set my tab to autoreload every hour but that’s no real solution.

( 2 ) The videoquality is still not 720p for me

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce any issues. Maybe you can expand upon your statement by including contextual clues like when exactly it freezes, what song it’s freezing after, and what provider it’s freezing on (youtube, soundcloud, spotify).

Unfortunately you’re incorrect. You can right-click on the video and select “Stats for nerds” if you still don’t believe it.

I tried this and the resolution that is got is 480 x 360.

Then that’s the maximum resolution the video you’re watching supports. Videos are requested to play in 480p or higher when available via YouTube’s API. If it’s not working then it’s now a YouTube problem, not ours.

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Thanks for the heads up! Just to be sure, does the maximum resolution can change when you are requesting it from the Youtube API? By that I mean that the video that I was watching is available in 1080p but was set to 480p into the Nightbot preview. :slight_smile:

Thank you night sorry i didn’t want to come off as disrespectful i appreciate all the hard work you are doing : ) !

Videoquality is working now as you said when the iframe is getting resized

Player didn’t stop playback so far (It happened before on youtube to answer your question)
( also running some userscripts for embedded forced youtube hd play now)

Thanks for the quick responses :slightly_smiling:


Alright the error is “song not found” then its stopping playback

i have had 2 songs bring up that error in the left hand side and then it just moves on the the next song.

@night how do i prevent that from happing. (i was managing a channel using google chrome)

A song that is “not found” may either be removed from YouTube or was removed from the song request queue. In both cases, the player skips the troubled song and continues forward.

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