Play requested music on channel during reruns?

Hopefully someone has an answer. I have my Twitch channel playing reruns of my live streams while I am not currently live. AutoDJ is turned on and configured and so forth. If I request a song it plays but only I can hear it. Is there some way so that people on my chat during reruns can request songs and everyone can hear them?
EDIT: Tested with a viewer requesting a song and I was the only one that could hear the song they requested also. So AutoDJ looks like it is just a way for users to request music for just me to hear? lol I would prefer if everyone could hear it.

Song request works by your streaming software picking up the sound produced from AutoDJ. It doesn’t magically inject it into live streams. It isn’t possible to stream music while your channel is playing a re-run. Hope that makes sense.

Wow, rude much?
I never suggested any type of magic or mysticism in the functionality of this feature and I understand completely how it works when you are live streaming, as the Desktop Audio is captured on the stream. Just asking about channel wide functionality since everyone on a channel can hear the playback audio of the Rerun maybe this is functionality that Twitch should consider adding to the Extension API as it would engage Followers and Subscribers more if they could use a feature like this while watching replays of streams and it would be easier for the channel host to interact in a lower stress environment since they would no longer be playing a game, monitoring the live stream, and trying to monitor chat at the same time. This should be completely possible to implement in the Extension API and hopefully will be in the future.

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My apologies, I read differently in my quick reply.

You are the first to bring up the idea of an extension with AutoDJ, I haven’t looked into the idea of it. I don’t believe it can be used in the current scope of Nightbot’s AutoDJ system as song adding/changing/removing is handled client side.

We have no current plans to build a Twitch extension for song requests, but will keep it in mind for the future. Ultimately scaling a feature like this is a different use case entirely from what Nightbot offers, as it’s not really a bot feature at that point.

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