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I was just wondering if there are any plans on making the follower/sub notifications available to hitbox users. Hitbox has become quite popular recently and it is currently where I plan to stream, and having a follower notification for hitbox users would be awesome :smile:

Thanks, s33y00

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I would like to see what tools are going to be able to support hitbox. I am a streamer that I am looking to move from twitch to hitbox and would like to use all the NightDev tools on hitbox. Anyone have a idea of if any of the tools that might make it over to hitbox?

Hitbox support would require major rewrites to most of the products Nightdev offers. Some feature cannot be ported due to lack of api support by Hitbox. Streamtip is the exception, because it was built from the ground up, with multi service compatibility in mind.

Hitbox support is something I would like to do in the future, but at the current time it is not a priority. When new products are created or existing ones reworked, Hitbox support is something I will be considering…

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