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Phone broken with authentication


Hello, I have broken my phone, so I can no longer log in to my account because I have double authentication. How can I log in? Thank you


When you setup 2 factor authentication you were presented with backup codes that you can use to login. Use one of those codes to log in and turn off 2 factor.


The problem I didn’t say is that I don’t have the backup codes.


I’m kind of having the same issue, wiped my PC yesterday and didn’t remember to transfer my codes.
Along with having multiple phone switches due to faulty devices.

Is there no other way to login or get the account back at all other than the ways presented?



Any private account support needs to be done through the contact form. This can be avoided by saving backup codes to multiple locations, such as a secure cloud storage.


I saw your message about this on another post a few minutes after making that reply and I have already sent one off. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help but how long do they usually take to respond to this kind of thing? (Just curious)

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