Personal Emotes not in emote menu randomly/not seen by others with BTTV

I got BTTV Pro yesterday and set my 5 personal emotes, which were working at the time, but now half the time they only show for me and not for anyone else with BTTV, or they dont show in the emote menu list at all. I cleared cache,history and reloaded chrome and twitch, and now the menu shows emotes 20% of the time and even then not all show to everyone else in chat with BTTV. I have updated chrome and BTTV and removed all other extensions and it is still rarely working.
Channel BTTV emotes show fine, and GIF emotes, but just my personal emotes keep disappearing or not showing for other people in chat.

This should be fixed now

Yes it is thank you :heart_eyes:

I’m having this problem right now. It’s apparently NOT fixed!

It was fixed at the time, then the socket server went down around when you posted. It is now back up and things should be working. If there is a new issue with personal emotes please make a new thread, or check out the #status channel on the discord where it will state when the services run into issues

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