Personal Emotes for BTTV PRO not showing in other channels

Even though I can see my personal emotes in MY channel and on MY screen, others cannot see them at all! I have tested this in multiple streams with people who have BTTV installed and by opening an incognito tab. What further troubleshooting can be done as I have paid for BTTV PRO (for the emotes) for 3 months and they aren’t working. :’(

The way BTTV works is if you can see the emote, everyone else (with BTTV installed) can too. The streamer having BTTV installed makes no difference to if viewers can see the emotes or not, only the viewers with BTTV installed will be able to see them.

You said you tested this in incognito mode, which by default disables all of your extensions (BTTV included), which is needed to view the emotes.

Yes but what I mean is I’ve asked people (not necessarily streamers) in other channels if they can see my BTTV emote and they cannot even if they themselves have BTTV installed and can see other BTTV emotes, just not mine.

That is strange, as if you can see the emote and they can see other global BTTV emotes, they should be able to see your personal emotes too, that is how BTTV is designed to work.

Just to test this, could you post the emote on my channel, i’ll see if it shows up for me.

Okay I’ll try that right now! Thanks!

Can confirm they’re not showing up for me but they are showing up for you in my channel.

Not sure what’s happening here :thinking:

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Still waiting on support with this issue :sweat:

Generally so long as you’re connected to BetterTTV’s socket server then they will work. Given that they do not work, then that must mean you’re not able to connect. Ensure you’re not using a proxy (common on school/work connections) as they tend to sometimes block websockets.

I am using my home PC which is a regular private internet connection.

Then you should provide us with a console log, as detailed in BetterTTV Debugging

I have done everything outlined in the debugging post (clearing cache and cookies, removing all other extensions, disabling antivirus and firewall…) and the tracer route ran fine, I am still able to see my BTTV emotes but no one else is. I have had my fiance add my emotes to HIS BBTV Pro personal emotes and he is having the same issue on a different PC. (Meaning he can see the emotes but others cannot even if they have BTTV installed and can see other BTTV emotes). I can use other emotes in BTTV but not my personal ones that I pay to have access to in all channels. FeelsBadMan

If you refer to the previous reply, I asked for a console log… which you have not provided us with…

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