!permit does not work

!permit does not work.
It gives me message and says you have 60 seconds to post, but nobody can post a link.
Set permissions to Everyone, and still could not.
Disabled and re-enabled:
SpamProtection> Links
Commands> Default> Filters
Unmodded myself, had someone give me permission to post a link - does not work.
But works when modded.

A Sub can not post any links with or without permission and is in Sub group.

This started being a problem 2 days ago, and unsure what else to do.
Thanks in advance for the help.


What channel is this happening in? Just to look into it a bit further on our end. I cannot reproduce the issue in my own chat.

It could also be the streamer enabled ‘Block Hyperlinks’ in their Twitch channel settings, this needs to be disabled for Nightbot to even be able to timeout links in the first place, this could also be why subs are getting timed out when it sounds like they are supposed to be exempt from link filtering in that chat.

You should get the streamer to check to make sure this is disabled as permitting seems to work for me too.

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