!Permit & !Allow won't work

So I’m modding this channel and for some reason when I try !allow or !Permit it says that the user can post a link, but when they try posting it still deletes the link… halp?

I am not able to reproduce your issue. When the link is deleted/timed out does it have the proper “automated by nightbot” at the end of it? Did the person use the command within 60 seconds of them being permitted?

If you could give a screenshot/steps to reproduce that would help a lot.

Here https://gyazo.com/cb0f7b1e15e0d541977821a6919f3376
It’s within 60 seconds each time.

Yea, this doesn’t seem like nightbot. When nightbot times out a message it doesn’t replace it with <\deleted link> that is actually twitch doing that. You can read about the option for that here: http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/1607357-twitch-account-settings (ctrl + f “Block Hyperlinks”)

They would need to disable this setting to be able to use !permit through nightbot.

Yep, worked it out. You have to allow links via Twitch first to then make Nightbot allow / block links. Thanks for your help mate <3

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