Permission to have more than 5 emotes

I would like to have the opportunity to add more than 5 emotes in my bttv account, or to work with bttv in creating more emotes, in any way, i love sharing my work and allowing people to use it, 5 is just not enough content, i know this is similar to suggesting a feature , but it is more like a request, If it is not possible please inform me other ways i can do this,
Thank you.

I would suggest that you get BTTV Pro. Pro grants you up to 25 channel emotes, 25 shared emotes, priority emote approval, and allows up to 5 channel and shared non-GIF personal emotes to be used globally by you (not others) on BetterTTV.

You can find the option to upgrade in your “my channel” section of the bttv website:

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