Permission Error When Trying to Set Tags with !tags

The Issue from Permissions Error When Setting Tags seems not resolved. At least I have the same issue.

Querying current tags works fine, but settings tags with the tag command doesn’t.
The Response from the bot is “Twitch’s API returned an error: Not permitted”

I tried multiple variants and even with just single word tags like “!tags Techno”, but the result is the same.
I also tried logging out and in at

As per official Twitch docs, this should still be possible: Reference | Twitch Developers

I do not know how/if updates it’s map of tag names and ids, but maybe Twitch changed the ids or their format and nightbot simply needs to sync these again? I suppose this might have broken when they introduced the additional tags earlier this year.

To my knowledge the command is still broken on Twitch’s API. The issue has been previously reported to Twitch and they haven’t fixed it at this time.


I didn’t find any report regarding this on github[.]com/twitchdev/issues/issues or[.]tv/, so I tried to manually reproduce this problem (which I did) and raised an issue on GitHub: github[.]com/twitchdev/issues/issues/466

I can poke them again on this tomorrow during business hours. But in general, I am not surprised it is still unfixed.


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