Paypal Transfer Fail


To Those Who Can Help,

Quite some time ago I set up my Streamtip account. I did link the paypal account to Streamtip and everything was squared away.

Recently, however, I received my first tip and I didn’t get any type of notification for it. (Mostly my fault). I went to check the account status and I noticed that the verified email (Paypal) attached to my Streamtip was outdated. Since the creation of this account, my Papal account had been updated but I did not carry the update over here.

Is this something I need to contact Paypal with or can it be solved through here? Technically I received the donation and I would imagine it tried sending it to the Paypal account but, since being updated, it no longer exists.


You would have to contact paypal, streamtip can’t really help out in this regard.


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