PayPal tips not showing in total amount


Dear Nightdev,

I had people donating last month and also yesterday.
It was a big amount so it had to be checked by PayPal first.
Now all 3 big donations are there on my PayPal, and I see them at recent tips but they don’t show in the total amount / or “this month from (number) tips”.

Can that be fixed, or why is it not showing now after they are completed on PayPal?
Because It’s very nice to see how a month went with donations, but not when it’s not showing but only that I know it.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Do the transactions show as pending on Streamtip’s website? Were they manually added by you? In both of those cases, transactions are not factored into totals.


Yeah they do, but pending is when they are not completed right.
They are now (after 1 day after this person send me the donation).
They where not added by me manually, just there when he donated but completed 1 day later on PayPal.
So they will never show after?
Because I had more time people donated and it took a while because they had to confirm it was really them.
That is pretty sad, because then I never can really check the amount people donated in a month. & Thats the reason I’m working with streamtip and not twitchalerts, but now I see it’s not ‘up-to-date’.

Is there no way it will be added to the amount, or will it stay in pending even when it’s not?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Pending transactions show as red on

Unfortunately when a transaction is in pending state you will need to wait for PayPal to complete the transaction. This can take typically 3-5 business days, or up to a month for some transactions.