PayPal Showing Real Name

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Streamtip, but after filling out my tipping page and clicking “Tip with Paypal,” the next page displays my real name under the payment summary rather than my Twitch username. Is there a way to change this?

Please, I really need to know this too, I do not want to display my real name when someone donates, I have seen people who show “Stream Donations” or their twitch username in the paypal site, I know you can use your “company” name with a Business account, but you need to provide a lot of information you cannot have it you are just a normal streamer youtuber, help please

While everyone values privacy, by being on the Internet and accepting online payments you have the legal requirement to let people know who they are paying. If you do not wish to have your personal name show, you can grab a Business PayPal account. This may require you to register for a fictitious name or a company in your state (or whatever the equivalent is in your country). I’m not a lawyer, so I cannot really tell you for sure.

The reason your name is shown is that people have been harvesting PayPal emails in order to “dox” streamers on Twitch. Names are generally less specific than an email address, as many names are common. We made a switch to Adaptive Payments which makes it display your name or business name rather than an email address, and there is also no way to configure your name from being viewable. Names are never searchable via a search engine when associated with Streamtip, and only show when people initiate a payment. Even if we were not utilizing Adaptive Payments, people would still see your name after sending a payment.

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