"Paypal error" when trying to donate

I’m getting a message saying “Paypal error” when trying to donate to a twitch streamer who uses Streamtip I tried to see If this happened on other websites and I went to Amazon and bought something for $25 and checked out with Paypal and it worked just fine I don’t have money on my Paypal because I have my Debit and Credit cards linked to it.

That generic error usually implies an issue with the streamer’s PayPal account, usually that they’ve had their account limited or have not set it up properly.

Are you sure because someone has donated $15 and $3 to him using the Streamtip link he provides for donations I even tried to donate $3 just to see If it worked and I still got the “Paypal error” message.

If you provide the streamer’s username we can check against our logs, but generally it’s not an issue on our or your end.

The streamers username is “tfreshyy”

As was suspected, it is an issue with the streamer’s PayPal account. Here’s the error PayPal is returning:

Account [redacted] is restricted

So this means his Paypal is restricted from receiving any donations/payments?

We don’t know. The streamer needs to find out themselves.

Ok thank you! I will let him know.

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